Last night together we managed to catch the 4 elusive and hidden puppies in the Defu factory. We decided to have them brought out as the danger to the pups of being disposed of by the factory’s boss has become imminent.

According to the workers,the boss had actually caught the 4 pups and thrown them outside down the road. However, the pups were smart enough to find their way to factory. Upon knowing this, the boss then told the workers that the next time he catches them, he will drive them far away from the factory and dumped them elsewhere.

With this situation, we called Mohan from Animal Lovers League for advice and help. His suggestion was that if we had no place to house them temporarily to save their lifes, he would provide shelter for them whilst we try to find adopters. Even with that offer, we told Mohan that if we wanted to bring them in, we had a problem catching them. At that time of speaking to him, we had only caught 1 of the 4 pups. Mohan and Dennis made a dash down to Defu despite their busy schedule at ALL and brought down special equipment to catch the pups. After about 45 mins of maneuvering around the cartons, pallets and machinery, we managed to get all the 3 other pups. We then brought them in to ALL where an occupied kennel was made available for the 4 pups.

We are grateful for everyone concerned for their help especially Mohan and Dennis who walks the talk by coming into action for us and the pups. Without question of how long the pups will stay there, the costs and space constraints, they came down for us unconditionally and gave their time and effort to help us out with the pups.

We are touched by their kindness to extending their help despite their limited resources. We are therefore starting a voluntary fund raising campaign to collect money to cover the costs of temporary housing in ALL. We will kick off by putting in $100 into the fund. For those interested, you can email the amount you wish to donate or you can sms me in person privately, after which I will report to everyone the total amount collected in this blog and hand the money over to Mohan from Animal Lovers League.

Please don’t feel compelled to contribute if you are not able to for whatever reasons. This is strictly voluntary and your ongoing support and help in what we have done so far speaks volume of your care and concern for our furry friends and your friendship within our group.

u can transfer to 205-282-920 POSB savings.Kindly leave comment of your name & amt.You can also contribute directly to Animal Lovers League at Pasir Ris Farmway,Attn to Mohan for this “Honey Bunch Fund”.You may also like to contact me at 9380 7779, Zann 9139 7881 or Terence 9838 3820.Any help is welcome.

We really hope they can go to good home like their lucky sibling, Angel.
Thank you very much


Very grateful to Bernice who offer to help by selling her unused stuff .All proceeds will go to our “Honey Bunch Fund” named after the 4 defu factory pups.

Pls help to pass message around

Check out her blog specially created for Honey Bunch Fund

Pics taken before bath



4 pups

4 pups



Taken after bath

after bath

after bath

clean clean but still need to bath on this weekend..

clean clean but still need to bath on this weekend..

Can you give them a home?

Can you give them a home?

Can you give them a home? pls help us to spread around .. greatly appreciated!!!

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ALL calendars & Notebook

We will be selling our beautiful 2009 calendars & notebooks to fund our welfare activities for the cats and dogs in our facility. Our 2009 calendar features some of the rescued animals in our care. The calendars are specially designed with additional message cards for separate use.

ALL 2009 Calendar @ $10

ALL 2009 Calendar

ALL 2009 Calendar

ALL Notebooks @$5

ALL Notebooks

ALL Notebooks

If you would like to purchase, please leave a comment.

For orders above 20pcs, we can arrange to deliver.

You can also visit ALL @

Pets Villa
61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3,
Singapore 518232

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Volunteer at ALL (Animals Lovers League)

Hi All,

I had start volunteering at ALL (Animal Lovers League) just weeks ago.. I had visited them and went for their AVA roadshow at Expo and Petshow at Nee Soon to help out… I personally felt they are really very nice people out there who help all the strays/ mongrels and even stray cats. They also help to find potential adopters to adopt puppies/mongrols found roaming in the streets.

They were often too busy rescuing pups/mongrols, all the dogs living in ALL have their own sad stories.. Many were abused and abandon. They were all living beings…If only they have a choice, they would definitely like to be born as children rather than puppies/ kittens…They yearn for a home and love. But out in streets, some strays even became food to those construction workers.

Animal Lovers League

*This website does not update too frequently as of now, cos they short of IT persons to help, but my boss had volunteer to help on this.

To add on, they are a non-profit organization and its a no-kill zone meaning they NEVER put any animals to sleep. They believe all animals strive hard in the streets hoping to stay alive each day and to find a home. In fact, this shelter is already full, with more than 400 dogs and cats.

They are located at:

Pets Villa
61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3,
Singapore 518232



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Never let your furkid run without brake…

Something I would like to share with all of you…

My friend’s shin tzu boy…now is one year old, but one of his eyes was blind already…

Since young, this lovely boy loves to run… around the whole house and always can’t brake properly or without brake… he is a playful boy…loves to run…

One day, he was running too fast and without his “brakes” he go bang at the corner of my friend’s room door… then one of his eye ball pop out… My friend was crying all the way when she rush her to the vet…

By the time she reached the vet’s place, the vet told her, it’s too late, sorry the eye ball can’t be use le…

So now he only left with a eyeball…and he is only a yr old…so sad…

But till now he still loves to run every where and without brakes…so my friend have to keep an eye on him when he is playing too aggressive…

I would like to share this with everyone out there so that when our furkids are playing or running, we must really be careful, cos accidents can happen… We have to control it before it’s too late…

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Nicki at Bishan dogrun

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Nicki from puppy time

sleep on my lap..

tilt his head.. dunno wat I told him… erm… maybe I said mum mum… or kai kai…lol..

and very kpo!!

act pitiful… with force tears…

looks 可怜…

1st toy toy…

loves to sleep beside me..hehe

His favourite Toy toy!!

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Nicki at auntie Zann’s house

Nicki running here and there…

when Nicki meets Jojo…

so tired …

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Nicki @ home

Am I handsome?

lousy hp pic…



我 cute mah?


aiyo.. mama sewing skills not good leh.. look at my sleeve…

chase me …chase me…

smart si bo??

nice butt??

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Nicki with Mum & Dad

Nicki playing with dad…

and with mum…

kena lecture by dad

oh!! bigger than me?!?

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Nicki’s 1st Day

Nicki is born on 19-April-07.
His 1st day with me is 11-July-07.

His 1st day with us!!

He is our joy!! My Mum, Dad, Brother and Husband loves him to bits… 🙂

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